1) This is a fund raising event for Vibha

2) We have limited number of spots available, so first come first serve basis for entries

3) Click here to register

4) All registrants should report to Bombay Chowpatty at 5:00 PM CST on Sep 21st, 2014

5) Game Format

a) All registered entrants' names (who have reported by 5:00 PM CST @Bombay Chowpatty) will be entered into a bowl
b) There are 4 first round contests (total of 48 participants)
c) We will pick 12 people from this bowl. They will be the first round of contestants. We will similarly pick 2nd, 3rd and 4th set of contestants this way
d) Each first round is a one min contest where each contestant will be provided with Pani Puris, Chat Masala and Masala Water
e) Each contestant will also be paired with a judge who will make sure that the contestant is adhering to the rules and also counts the number of  Puris each contestant is 
f) Each contestant will have to prepare - make a hole, put chat and then masala water and eat it. Three winners from each set would be  chosen based on the max
    number of Pani Puris.
g) Only those  Pani Puris which are not broken and which contains Chat Masala and Masala water will be counted
h) The judges tally would be final
i) The final round would again consist of 12 people and would last for 1.5 min with the same set of conditions
j) Three winners would be chosen - 1st winner to get $100, second winner would be $50 and the third winner would get $25 Gift Certificate  respectively
k) All registrants would get a surprise gift on the day of the event
l) Please contact us at if you have any more questions
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